Digital mammography images

1 Breast orientation

It is important to note that the breast projection is very important, as this is a deformable organ, the main issue is to track about the location of the tumour.

Our team was one of the best performes groups in the Breast Cancer Contest organized by DREAM.

Each screening mammography exam usually comprises two images per breast: a view from above called a craniocaudal (CC) view and an oblique or angled view called mediolateral oblique (MLO) view. These two views show the medial part as well the external lateral portion of the breast as much as possible. More than 99% of all the exams provided by Group Health have both CC and MLO views for each breast imaged. Figure 2 shows an example of CC and MLO views for the left and right breast of an healthy subject.

2 Diferent views from real data

The data is shown as an example of left right Medio Lateral Oblique (MLO) and Craneo Caudal (CC), show in the orientation link.

The main problem derived with this data is that the data is taken from the wild, this means that no preprocesing or analisys is performed, just, a minor clasification and shor metadata. This issue affect to the following:

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